Year 6

Controlling Light

In this sequence of lessons, students will investigate how electrical energy can control light (circuitry) as they work in pairs to code their flashing lights using Arduino, to a piece of music.

I was really fun because of the endless possibilities of coding we can do. It helps us persevere as well.

-Year 6 student

The learning focuses on growth mindset and perseverance and is linked to the curriculum in Science, Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies.

The Year 6 lessons and resources provide students with opportunities to learn how to program an Arduino, develop their computational thinking skills and deepen their understanding of STEM careers.

Students also have the opportunity to continue their learning by participating in a design and technologies project at school.

Download the lesson overview and lesson plans in one document via this link

Lesson one: Controlling Light (40- 60 mins) – delivered by classroom teacher
Lesson two: Electrical Energy (90 mins) – delivered by MIE School presenters
Lesson three: Digital Systems (90 mins) – delivered by MIE School presenters
Lesson four: Flashing Lights (90 mins) – delivered by MIE School presenters

Design and Technologies Project

The classroom teacher can choose to deliver the final 5 lessons which are focussed on meeting outcomes from the Design and Technologies curriculum.

Design brief: Create a visual sound system for the deaf and hard of hearing by designing an electrical system using an Arduino and programming it to control light (colour, on/off rhythm, brightness) matched to a 2-minute piece of music.

Design brief

Investigate components

Generate and refine ideas

Production plan


Two female students with a laptop and an Arduino

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