Supporting Women in STEM

Inspiring the next generation of young women

UNIQ You O-Week gives Grade 9-12 girls from any school in Queensland the exclusive (and rare!) opportunity to have a FREE 1:1 video call with one of our inspiring women advisors to ask their burning questions, satisfy their curiosities, discover jobs they never knew existed

Exploring the misconceptions

L’Oreal Middle East reveal the first Social experiment that challenges misconceptions around women in science.

Why the world needs women in tech

This video discusses why it is so important to attract more women into technology-related jobs, the obstacles preventing women from entering high-tech fields, and what we need to do about it.

How to engage more girls in STEM

Watch this video for strategies you can use to engage more girls and encourage a growth mindset towards STEM subjects and careers.

The accidental engineer

This is an inspirational video which explores so many issues related to women in STEM or lack thereof.

Amazing women in science

These are just a few examples of female scientists who have made world-changing discoveries. Watch the video to hear their extraordinary stories.


20 pioneering women in science history you really should know about