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Maths Modelling Challenge

We’re thrilled to announce the Maths Modelling Challenge 2023, an exciting opportunity for high school students to apply their mathematical skills to real-world issues.

This contest encourages creativity, critical thinking, and the development of mathematical models to devise solutions for pressing problems.

The online challenge is open now, with submissions being received up to midday on Thursday 14 September 2023. Winners will be announced as soon as our Judges have reviewed all submissions This year we will be awarding Gold, Silver and Bronze awards.

Our on campus Challenge at UniSC Sippy Downs, is on 21st August 2023 with all positions filled.


Secondary Years 8 and/or 9

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ONLINE registrations are open NOW
Submissions close midday on Thursday 14 September 2023

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Maths modelling uses mathematics to describe, explain, and predict the behaviour of complex real-world systems. It is the translation of a real-life problem into a mathematical one, and then putting results back into real-world solutions.

Ever wondered the maths behind how a pandemic spreads? Or the environmental impact of getting a lift to school? Or do you want to find out the link between climate change and your WhatsApp messages?

Put your analytic brains to the test, working in small groups students have real world mathematics challenges to choose and work through. Celebrating mathematics and the spirit of competition, this event aims to help high school students develop positive attitudes towards analytical thinking and mathematics that can assist in future careers.

Join in and explore how mathematical modelling can show us not only how the world around us works ­– but how it can help to change it.

Submissions will be judged by UniSC academics with prizes awarded.

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