Primary School- Based Sessions

The Primary program is innovative STEM-focused career and technical education (CTE) designed by teachers, for teachers. The program focuses on the development of Computational Thinking Skills using Arduino and other technologies such as Scratch and micro drones.

Our funding enables us to provide lessons for free to schools in our UniSC regions with an ICSEA under 1000.

Our primary program aims to ignite curiosity, foster creativity, and inspire a passion for STEM in our young learners. Students embark on an exciting learning journey to develop valuable skills, such as:

  • Creating and utilising electronics, Arduino, and other cutting-edge technologies.
  • Integrating their knowledge by connecting to Wi-Fi networks and databases.
  • Exploring the application of these skills and technologies to solve real-world problems within their own communities.

The program aligns with the Australian Curriculum, encompassing key areas such as Technologies, Science, Mathematics, and Media Arts. Depending on the specific program, students may delve into fascinating topics including electrical circuits, computer programming, designing Arduino projects, creating serious games, and even programming autonomous drones.

We provide students with engaging STEM activities and hands-on experiences, offering exposure to the wonders of STEM, to transform perceptions of STEM careers and introduce primary students to potential university pathways.

How does student collaboration help with STEM learning?

Video courtesy of code.org: youtube.com/watch?v=vgkahOzFH2Q

Explore the MindSET-do curriculum

Year 4

Serious Game Creation

Year 5

Block Coding with Micro Drones

Year 6

Arduino Controlling Light

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