Secondary School-Based Sessions

The Secondary program uses innovative STEM-focused career and technical education (CTE) designed by teachers for teachers. The programs focus on the development of computational thinking, science communication and science inquiry skills in Year 7, 8, 9 and 10.

The program provides a pathway for students to learn how to:

  1. Make using electronics, Arduino and other technologies
  2. Integrate by connecting to wifi and databases
  3. Explore by using these skills and other technologies to solve real world problems in their communities.

The program aims to alter perceptions of STEM careers and university pathways, through exposure to STEM activities and experiences.

A great resource to get students reading about scientific research is Frontiers for Young Minds. An open-access science journal written by scientists and reviewed by a board of young people. Your students may even want to become young reviewers.

Explore the Curriculum

Year 7

Arduino Self – Driving Car

Year 8

Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Year 9


computer desk hand laptop

Year 10

Citizen Science

Science Unplugged

photo of woman tutoring young boy

Parent Program

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