Secondary School-Based Sessions

The Secondary School program uses innovative STEM-focused CTE designed by teachers for teachers. The program focuses on the development of STEM skills, computational thinking, science communication and science inquiry skills in Years 7, 8, 9 and 10.

Our funding enables us to provide lessons for free to schools in our UniSC regions with an ICSEA under 1000.

Our secondary program goes beyond traditional education by reshaping students’ perceptions of STEM and connecting them with hands-on activities and experiences directly tied to real-world careers. We offer valuable guidance on subject selection and pathways to pursue tertiary studies with a STEM emphasis after completing secondary school.

The program includes a comprehensive suite of secondary programs aligned with the Australian Curriculum, and ensures a minimum of three face-to-face interactions with students, maximising engagement and fostering effective learning experiences.

Explore the Curriculum

Year 7

Micro:bit Self-Driving Car and Arduino Self-driving Car

Year 8

Sustainable Neighbourhoods

Year 9

Brain Health & Wellbeing

Year 10

Citizen Science

Science Unplugged

photo of woman tutoring young boy

Parent Program

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