Women in Technology

Women in Technology is an important project within the MindSET-do Community program, as the under representation of girls and women in STEM is a broad, complex and long-standing issue

Research indicates that girls and women face many barriers to participating in STEM education and careers—from stereotypes and bias to inequitable workplace culture.

The Women in Technologies project will include a variety of STEM gender equity projects which will be piloted and evaluated using the National Evaluation Guide for STEM Gender Equity Programs.

Vital to the project is finding programs which effectively dismantle barriers, attract and keep girls and women in STEM.

Supporting women in STEM

View the collection of videos and articles to learn more about women in STEM and inspire our community to start thinking differently about this topic.

mother helping her daughter use a laptop

Families as Change Agents

The Families as Change Agents project aims to enhance female adolescents’ readiness to make informed education and career-related decisions (without gender-related biases), to improve their awareness and appreciation of STEM and entrepreneurial careers.