School programs have been developed for teachers by teachers, to create
an immersive learning experience for all students. Our career and technical education (CTE) prepares Year 4 – 10 students to make informed decisions about engaging in STEM subjects at school, future transition into tertiary studies and STEM careers.

Throughout our sessions, students develop problem solving and creative thinking skills, which motivates and inspires them to think of new technologies and innovative ideas.

Our funding enables us to provide lessons for free to schools in our UniSC regions with an ICSEA under 1000.

How are you guys so good at this stuff? I want to come to your university, you guys inspire little kids like us to be the best they can be.

– Year 6 student

We encourage all students to imagine themselves following STEM careers and discourage stereotypes and fixed mindsets related to science and mathematics. This helps develop positive early career aspirations in STEM careers.

Throughout our programs we ensure that conversations about 21st century skills are informally discussed, to raise student’s awareness of how the future of work is changing, the value of tertiary study, and the need for job builders and creators in the future.


A program for students in years 4-6 at our partner schools


A program for students in years 7-10 at our partner schools

Professional Development

Build your confidence and skills in teaching Digital Technologies

What the research says

Research indicates that a child’s ideas about a particular career or job can have a profound impact on the academic effort a young person exerts (Chambers, Kashefpakdel, Rehill & Percy, 2018).

Researchers have noted that science related careers are routinely seen as ‘only for a the brainy few’ (Archer, Osbourne, DeWitt, Dillon, & Wong, 2013).