MIE Lab is offering a range of professional development sessions in 2022.

Digital Technologies Professional Development Workshop 

Learn how to teach computational thinking skills using an Arduino.

An Arduino is an open-source micro-controller development board, which can be used to read sensors and control items e.g. lights, sensors, motors and monitors. Programs are uploaded to the Arduino board which can then interface with things in the real world.

Teachers have the choice of attending the Year 6 or the Year 7 PD. 

In the Year 6 Arduino Flashing Lights session, you will receive an Arduino kit and will learn about computational thinking skills, 21st-Century-Skills and how to build your own Breadboard circuit using some material from your kit. You will learn how to build upon your knowledge of electrical energy and circuits and begin to code using C++ programming language to program a sequence of flashing lights to music.

In the Year 7 self-driving car session, you will receive an Arduino kit and learn about electrical energy, circuits, programming motors and sensors. The content is based around exploring the social, ethical and environmental considerations of a self-driving car. You will learn to code a motor board and ultrasonic sensor using C++ programming language, and create your own self -driving car using material from your kit.