Citizen Science

In this sequence of lessons, students will participate and collaborate in a citizen science project to generate scientific knowledge on a current STEM project at UniSC.

This learning is linked to the Year 10 Australian Curriculum.

The Year 10 lessons and resources provide students with opportunities to develop their critical and creative thinking skills, science inquiry, science communication skills and deepen their understanding of STEM careers.

The Citizen Science program can be taught in either a 3 or 5 Lesson format. Download the entire FREE Year 10 Citizen Science lesson content below. This includes:

Year 10 Lesson Plans (3 & 5 Lesson Versions)
Year 10 PowerPoint Slides
(3 & 5 Lesson Versions)
Citizen Science Student Resources, Data Collection Sheets and Activities

Want to learn more? See a preview of the lesson plans below

Lesson one preview:
What is Citizen Science? (70 mins)
Delivered by MindSET-do

Lesson two preview:
Starting our Scientific Approach (70 mins)
Delivered by MindSET-do

Lesson three preview:
Data Collection and Analysis (70 mins)
Delivered by MindSET-do

Note: The Citizen Science lessons come in both a 3 Lesson and a 5 Lesson format. Both are included in the resource download above.

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