What is the Future of Work?

Ever wondered about how the future of work will affect you child? Find out more what career crystallisation and growth mindset have to do with education. Plus get some tips on how to get involved in your child’s career pathways.

Planning for the future

2015 Young Australian of the Year, Thomas King talks about how we need to stop asking children “what do you want to be when you grow up ?” because 44% of the jobs today will not exist in 20 years…..

What is STEM?

How to engage more girls in STEM

What is a growth mindset?

Imagine if your parents and teachers told you that you can learn anything and that its never too late to become a learner.

Using a growth mindset in teaching

“We are not born being good or bad at math. We actually have the potential to get better by applying ourselves (and) learning from our mistakes” Dan Finkel.

The future of work


The new work order
Report by the Foundation for Young Australians

The path to prosperity
Report by Deloitte

The future of work
Literature review by Jobs Queensland

Career bullseyes

Explore careers related to different school subjects, and the study and training pathways into those careers

STEM career wheel with Technologies focus

Select which area of the wheel interests you and then click on a job to learn more about it. Green – content design, Blue – technical services, Orange – business data or Purple – product development.