“I love seeing the impact my work has on students, and I enjoy travelling around the state for my job!”

— Sarah Eisenmenger

Q: Name of the town you went to primary school?

Sippy Downs, Qld

Q: Which were your favourite subjects in high school?

English, Mathematics and Science

Q: What further study/qualifications did you complete after high school?

Bachelor of Business/ Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Current)

Two competitions which solidified my choice to study Mechatronics: FLL World Festival Houston 2019FTC Australian National Champions 2020

Q: What is the name of your STEM career?

Entrepreneur/ Workshop Facilitator/ Engineering Student

Q: What attracted you to this STEM career?

I founded ZEST Robotics because I wanted to create a safe space outside of schools where students could explore STEM without gender bias. In 2017, I took a step into the unknown and with much hesitation, joined my school’s robotics club. For the first time, I felt alienated. I was the only girl in a room amongst 20 boys. The figures that I had read online regarding the gender gap in STEM suddenly became all too true. From that moment onwards, I decided that I wanted to leave a legacy within and beyond my community. I wanted to inspire more girls to challenge themselves to explore the world of STEM.

Q: What is some of the typical work you do in this career?

Typical work includes the ideation, marketing and running of many educational STEM events. Event planning includes liaising with council members, university and schools to hire space for workshops. I have to collaborate with technologists to hire equipment. I design and write all educational materials. I market online through social media and ads to promote my events. I manage attendees, refunds and customer service prior to the event. At the event, I present and work with colleagues to guide students through the content. Following the event, I consolidate professional connections and start the process over again.

Q: What do you love about your job?

My goal is to enact real change and to establish a presence for female-led developments within the STEM community. My passion starts with the students I teach and ends with the extinction of gender bias in the workforce. I love seeing the impact that my work has on students, and being able to travel across the state for my job.

In the words of Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize, “the way of progress is neither swift nor easy.” Like Curie, do not be afraid of being the first. Ask questions, be curious. STEM is an evolving field. So, be ready to innovate. Be ready to challenge and most importantly, be ready to make a change.

sarah eisenmenger