Micro Drones

In this sequence of lessons, students will learn how to program a micro drone (using block based coding in the Tello edu app) for an environmental application in the community.

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This includes:

Year 5 Lesson plans
Year 5 PowerPoints
Manual Flight Instructions
Design and Technology project outline

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Lesson one preview:
Drone Solutions (60 mins)
Delivered by the classroom teacher

Lesson two preview:
Flight L Plates (90 mins)
Delivered by our presenters

Lesson three preview:
Drones in Conservation (90 mins)
Delivered by our presenters

Lesson four preview:
Drones in Agriculture (90 mins)
Delivered by our presenters

What careers use drones?

Want to know more about career pathways using drones? Watch our video below featuring local industry role models.

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Support for using Tello Drones

These support documents and access to professional learning are provided by SheMaps.

  • How to help you set up your Tello – Watch Now 
  • How to use the Tello Edu App for learning to manually control your Tello Drone – Watch Now 
  • How to use the Tello Edu App to introduce block coding with drones – Watch Now 
  • Access to professional learning FREE for QLD teachers and preservice teachers – Click here

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