Careers in STEM

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Renewable Energy Engineer

Nicola Wilkins is a Renewable Energy Engineer at Jacobs, in Queensland. Jacobs solves the worlds most critical problems for thriving cities, resilient environments, mission-critical outcomes, operational advancement, scientific discovery and cutting-edge manufacturing. Nicola works in renewable energy, helping to design and build solar farms and big batteries, and loves to travel to regional areas of Australia and work with lots of different people. She gets a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that the work she does is directly contributing to mitigating the effects of climate change.

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Nicola Wilkins
Renewable Energy Engineering
Careers at Jacobs

Control Systems Programmer

Claire Enoka is a Control Systems Programmer at Bluebottle, an integrated solutions provider, specialising in lighting, project delivery and sales.

Everyday is different in Claire’s job. From quoting, designing, programming and commissioning, she does a bit of everything and is often out and about at various sites with her laptop commissioning new systems or servicing old ones. Some of her favourite tasks are creating custom user interfaces for touchscreens, and programming dynamic lighting systems, sometimes on building facades or in venues.

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Claire Enoka
Control Systems Programming

Mechatronics Engineer

Joshua Riddell is a Mechatronics Engineer at Emesent in Brisbane. Emesent is a world-leader in drone autonomy, LiDAR mapping, and data analytics and have had their cutting edge technology implemented around the world. Josh has an exciting role designing, testing and building the first prototypes of future products. “The team I am part of has mechatronics, mechanical and electrical engineers, and industrial designers. Engineering has a massive impact on all aspects of people’s lives every day.”

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Joshua Riddell
high angle view of a man
Mechatronics Engineering

Air Traffic Controller

Naomi McQueen is from the Moreton Bay region in Queensland, and is an Air Traffic Controller at Airservices Australia. In Naomi’s role, no two days are the same. The weather, aircraft mix and operational requirements are ever-changing, which keeps her busy and focused. Naomi’s passion for her work has inspired her to promote and assist the next generation in aviation.

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Naomi McQueen
Air Traffic Controlling
Careers at Airservices Australia

Aerospace Engineer

Casey Guilieri is an Aerospace Engineer at HeliMods, in Caloundra, Qld. HeliMods is a progressive aerospace technology company with world-leading capability in advanced digital design engineering and manufacturing. As part of his day-to-day Casey designs and manufactures aerospace components for installation onto aircraft and enjoys the practicality of his work, the societal impact on others’ lives and the mateship gained with colleagues.

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Casey Giulieri
Aerospace Engineering
Careers at HeliMods

Software Engineer

Anna Truffet went to school in Brisbane and is now a Software Engineer at Google in Sydney. Google has more than 700 software engineers in Australia, working on products like Google Maps, Chrome, Photos and more. Anna’s day to day is always varied, she gets to collaborate with others to scope out a problem or investigate a new feature before breaking off into smaller groups to start implementing and coding that solution. “No matter where I or my customers sit, I can make their life better.”

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Anna Truffet
Software Engineering
Careers at Google, Australia

Serious Games Developer

Brett Leavy is a First Nations, Digital Aboriginal and descends from the Kooma people of southwestern Queensland. He is a Serious Games Developer known for Virtual Songlines, an immersive, interconnected multiuser virtual heritage simulation covering 50 cities and regional towns across Australia. Brett says that cultural heritage for all people across the world can be represented in a serious games format, and so virtual heritage has potential everywhere, in any time and space. It’s a chance to share cultural knowledge through virtual and augmented technologies.

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Brett Leavy
Developing and Programming
Bilbie Virtual Labs

Environmental Scientist
– Field Ecology

Melissa Christi is a Field Ecologist from the Fraser Coast region in Queensland and went to school in Bundaberg. She has always been fascinated by the living world around her and loves the outdoors, so wanted to find a career that would allow her to enjoy being outside and also contribute something meaningful to society.

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Melissa Christi
Environmental Science

Drone OperatorPest & Vector Control

David Woodrow works in Drone Operations Pest and Vector Monitoring and Control at Sunshine Coast Council. David uses drones to survey and map potential Vector breeding grounds on the Sunshine Coast and uses vehicles, Boats, 4WDs and Quad Bikes to ascertain Vector breeding potential and coordinate Helicopter aerial treatments, and he enjoys the variety of work and worksites in his occupation.

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David Woodrow
Jobs with Drones
Sunshine Coast Council Careers

Environmental Scientist – Ecological Restoration

Tamara Kubica is a Project Officer in Ecological Restoration at Noosa & District Landcare in Pomona, Queensland. Tamara has always had a keen interest in the outdoors and anything nature-based “The thing I love about this occupation is that every single day there is something different to observe and learn, and I get to see so many areas of the region that I would not get to see if it wasn’t for my job. It gives me a closer connection to the land.”

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Tamara Kubica
Environmental Science
Noosa & District Landcare

Emerging Technologies Officer

Gareth Francis went to school in Gympie. He’s the Emerging Technologies Officer at Gympie Regional Libraries so as well as traditional library duties, Gareth also runs the Gympie Library Makerspace. This space is open to all, and gives people hands-on experience with technologies that are becoming more and more important in the world, such as 3D printers, VR, Drones, Sewing Machines, Audio/Video/Photo editing, Green Screen and Robotics!

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Gareth Francis
Emerging Technologies
Gympie Regional Libraries


Sarah Eisenmenger went to school on the Sunshine Coast. She is a young entrepreneur and founder of ZEST Robotics, a Robotics Workshop company. Sarah has a goal to enact REAL change and establish a presence for female-led developments within the STEM community. Her passion starts with the students she teaches and hopes to contribute to the extinction of gender bias in the workforce.

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Sarah Eisenmenger
ZEST Robotics

3D Print Designer

Binara Wasala went to school on the Sunshine Coast. Binara is a young entrepreneur and founder of the 3D Print Design and Robotics company Binary Designer, where he designs and 3D prints virtual objects and parts, and delivers workshops on how to make gadgets and robots.

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Binara Wasala
Product Design Engineering
Binary Designer