Families as Change Agents

This innovative project is research-informed, targeting mothers, fathers and their daughters (aged 10-13 years) in the South East Queensland North and Wide Bay regions.

The 6-week program builds deep connections between USC, business, industry and local families through engagement activities over an extended period.

This includes hands-on familiarity opportunities for direct exposure to IT, engineering and entrepreneurship activities and experiences, presented by female role models.

mother helping her daughter with homework

Mothers & Daughters program

The Mothers and Daughters 6- week program is designed to challenge stereotyped notions of what constitutes male and female jobs by engaging mothers and daughters in weekly activities which are presented by females in STEM and entrepreneurial occupations. The women will be role models for the participants, highlighting women in the STEM workforce and starting a socialization process to reduce occupational stereotyping. 

The activities in the weekly program will enable participants to achieve confidence in their STEM and entrepreneurial skills by completing scaffolded activities in small groups. The project promotes achievement in IT and engineering by providing inquiry-based, hands-on activities designed to cultivate interest in these subjects. 

During the program expert female presenters will ensure that conversations about 21st century skills (including social and creativity skills) and will be formally and informally discussed to eliminate misinformation and misconceptions surrounding STEM and entrepreneurship education and careers.

Fathers program

Our Fathers program is an online workshop delivered by male role models who engage fathers in open communication about unconscious bias and gender stereotypes, to promote the development of positive STEM identities among their adolescent daughters.

During the workshop fathers will learn how to inspire and motivate their daughters to have positive capability beliefs and attitudes to STEM, entrepreneurship, and higher education.

Fathers will then be invited to be in the audience as the mothers and daughters present their entrepreneurial ideas to a community panel of experts for feedback.