Self-driving car using Micro:bit

In this sequence of lessons, students will explore the social, ethical and environmental considerations required in the creation of self-driving cars and design and program a self-driving car.

This learning is linked to the Year 7 Australian Curriculum: Science, Digital Technologies and Design and Technologies learning areas.

The Year 7 lessons and resources provide students with opportunities to learn how to program micro:bit, design and explore algorithms, modify programs with user interfaces that involving branching, and iteration. Students will develop their computational thinking skills and deepen their understanding of STEM careers.

The program is designed so that Lessons 1 & 2, are presented by the classroom teacher (all resources provided) and Lessons 3, 4 & 5 are presented by our presenters who visit the school. There are 5 x 70min lessons for this program, and the program can be expanded up to 10 Lessons for a full school term.

Download the entire FREE Year 7 micro:bit Self-Driving Car lesson content below. This includes:

Year 7 Lesson Plans
Year 7 PowerPoint Slides

Micro:bit Self-Driving Car Student Resources and Handouts

Lesson One preview:
Road Safety (70 mins)
Delivered by classroom teacher

Lesson two preview:
Elements of Self-Driving Cars (70 mins)
Delivered by our presenters

Lesson three preview:
Elements of the Car System (70 mins)
Delivered by our presenters

Lesson four preview:
Ultrasonic Sensors (70 mins)
Delivered by our presenters

Lesson five preview:
Challenge Micro:maqueen (70 mins)
Delivered by our presenters

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