Strengthening STEM education in Queensland primary schools: Supporting teachers to integrate Mathematics and Digital Technologies

Emily Ross, Margaret Marshman & Natalie McMaster

Governments have invested in STEM education for several years to support science, technologies, engineering, and mathematics learning. As the Australian Curriculum: Technologies was implemented, teachers were required to have content knowledge of specific educational technologies and pedagogical content knowledge relating to digital technologies. There has been some support for teachers embarking on their implementation journey.  As the revisions to the Australian Curriculum create tighter alignment between Mathematics and Digital Technologies, increased opportunities for integrated STEM learning are present in the curriculum. This project explores the number and strength of potential barriers for teachers implementing integrated technology and mathematics activities.  


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Research Project Context

Presentation: Context

APSTs HAT/LT: Standards At The Lead Teacher Level – Document

Update on the Australian Curriculum Version 9

Presentation: V9 Curriculum

Quality Task Design

Presentation: Task Design – PowerPoint

Curriculum Integration and STEM

Presentation: Integration – PowerPoint

Example integrated tasks using Digital Technologies and Mathematics P-6 Data Focus

Presentation: Data Tasks – PowerPoint

Activity and task sheets