Brain Health and Wellbeing

In this sequence of lessons, students will investigate how the brain’s structure and function underpin mental wellbeing and brain health. They will work in groups to design and develop their own artistic interpretation of a specific brain region.

The Brain program has been developed by UniSC neuroscientist Dr Kathryn Broadhouse who’s research areas are imaging and adolescent neuro-development.

The program is aligned to the Year 9 Australian Curriculum and incorporates activities linked to learning outcomes in Health & PE, Visual Arts and Design Technologies. The lessons and resources provide students with opportunities to develop computational thinking and science inquiry skills, and deepen their understanding of STEM careers.

I learnt about my brain’s ability to constantly adapt and learn (neuroplasticity). The human brain is amazing!

-Year 9 student

The Brain Health and Wellbeing program can be taught in either a 3 or 5 Lesson format. Download the entire FREE lesson content below. This includes:

Year 9 Lesson Plans (3 & 5 Lesson Versions)
Year 9 PowerPoint Slides
(3 & 5 Lesson Versions)
Brain Health and Wellbeing Student Handouts, Worksheets and Activities

Want to learn more? Click to see a preview of each lesson plan below

Lesson one preview:
Introduction to the Brain:
Structure and Function (70 mins)
Delivered by MindSET-do

Lesson two preview:
Introduction to Brain Health:
The Brain’s Networks (70 mins)
Delivered by MindSET-do

Lesson three preview:
Meta Learning:
Learning how the brain learns
(70 mins)
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Note: The Brain Health and Wellbeing lessons come in both a 3 Lesson and a 5 Lesson format. Both are included in the resource download above.

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