MEOW Teaching resources

Teachers can use these fully developed activities to contextualise maths content. Activities are suitable for Years 8-10.


‘Anatomy of a throw’

Activities cover Pythagoras’ theorem, speed and percentage


‘The great chem-mystery’

Activities cover units, measurement and conversions


‘The value of Castle Hill’

Activities cover marginal cost/benefit, multiplier effect


‘When zombies attack! The maths of infection rates’

Activities cover exponential growth and trends


‘Volcanic hot spots and continental drift’

Activities cover graphing, slopes and rates


‘Forces, motion and egg-xtreme impacts’

Activities cover energy, measurement and error bars

MEOW Experiences

Maths Explains our Experiences in and Out of this World

Ideas to inspire students to explore topics around the world and beyond with mathematics. Concepts include traffic jams, rollercoasters, space travel and other resources.