National Science Week 2023 coming soon

Information about National Science Week 2023 will be coming soon. For more information about the 2022 event, including resources to download see below.

2022 Glass: a window into Quantum Physics

Engage with this year’s National Science Week!

The theme? Glass: more than meets the eye. Join in with this Australia wide event!

National Science Week Dates

13th-21st of August


Year 10


The school theme for National Science Week in 2022 is Glass: More than meets the eye. It is based on the UN International Year of Glass. It will celebrate the many roles that glass plays in our lives – from phone screens to optical fibre to glassware in labs – plus investigating glass as a part of our sustainable future. The uses for and intrinsic nature of glass in science make it a suitable topic for investigation across all strands of science education.

We offer a curriculum linked, interactive experience engaging year 10 students in quantum physics problem. Within this students create a model to explain why glass is “invisible” to visible light.

For more information on National Science Week, please visit their website here.


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