“I love The dynamic nature of aviation and the excitement for the future, no two days are the same.”

— Naomi McQueen

Q: Name of the town you went to primary school?

Lawnton, Queensland

Q: Which were your favourite subjects in high school?

Mathematics and English

Q: What further study/qualifications did you complete after high school?

Air Traffic Management and Air Transport Diplomas and a Graduate Certificate of Air Transport (Aviation Human Factors).

Q: What is the name of your STEM career?

Aviation, air traffic control and general aviation.

Q: What attracted you to this STEM career?

The dynamic nature of aviation. Excitement for the future.

Q: What is some of the typical work you do in this career?

Procedural separation (non-surveillance) air traffic control. I separate training aircraft, passenger aircraft, military aircraft and
aircraft engaged in search and recue operations. I am responsible to for assessing meteorological conditions and understanding
how this impacts operations, I must manage emergency situations in a calm manner.

Q: What do you love about your job?

No two days are the same, the weather, aircraft mix and operation requirements change every day and sometime multiple times a
day. I have enjoyed the additional roles of unit tower supervisor, check controller and training officer whilst an air traffic controller.
My studies in Social Science have now provided me with valuable perspectives on the barriers individuals face on the path to
success; I have been inspired to promote and assist our next generation in aviation.
My passion for inclusion and diversity, together with my desire to assist our young people in aviation, delivered me to a Director
role for the Sunshine Coast Aero Club. I am proud to be part of the evolving development of The Aero Club to deliver a community of support for our current and emerging aviators.

Primary school – Don’t be afraid to stand out, it’s what makes you
High school – Don’t be afraid to chase your dreams, but equally, don’t be afraid to change your dreams.

Naomi McQueen