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Journal Article

Raising Primary School Boys’ and Girls’ Awareness and Interest in STEM-Related Activities, Subjects, and Careers: An Exploratory Case Study

Journal of New Approaches in Educational Research, Jan 2023
Natalie McMaster, David A. Martin, Michael D. Carey & Janet Martin

Journal Article

Course design features influencing preservice teachers’ self-efficacy beliefs in their ability to support students’ use of ICT

Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education, 2020.
David A. Martin, Natalie McMaster & Michael D. Carey

Women on a mission – Interviews with UniSC staff taking action for equality

Hear from Natalie McMaster and 12 UniSC staff who are forging ahead in their fields to create equal opportunities for women. They work in tech, sports, leadership, arts – all traditionally male-dominated industries. Each of them made powerful points about how far we’ve come, and how far we still need to go to

by Janelle Kirkland

Natalie McMaster